Felt Snowmen Ornaments


Are you interested in making nice looking Felt Snowmen Ornaments for this season, then you are in the right page.Felt Snowmen Ornaments: Bring these cute appliqued snowmen to life with simple embroidery stabbing and colorful felt and fabric. You can choose an ornament, candy cane, wreath or holiday gift for any snowy friend.Felt Snowmen Ornaments

Materials (for three ornaments)

  • Snowmen patterns (You can search and download online)
  • 02-01 march / 2-inch squares of dark gray felt (wallpapers)
  • 02-01 march / 2-inch squares of each color felt (backings)
  • 9×12-inch piece of white felt (snowmen and candy canes)
  • Scrap of orange felt (nose)
  • Remnants of green felt (hats and garland)
  • Remnants of the pale blue felt (ornament)
  • Remnants of printing fabric (scarves)
  • Sewing thread: white, green, red, light blue, dark gray
  • Needles: Sewing, embroidery
  • Water soluble marker
  • Embroidery thread: brown, black, white, gold, red
  • 3 small red pom-poms
  • 3 6-inch pieces of ribbon for pendants

Cut Shapes (Felt Snowmen Ornaments)

Download the free pattern and traces from the web with white paper; cut 1/8 inch outside the marked lines. Trace any shape in the right color felt or fabric. Cut out shapes on tracing lines.

Place applications
Referring to the photo and placement diagram on your pattern, put a snowman on every dark gray felt 2-1 / 2-inch square; pin. Under edges of snowmen 1/8. Using a needle and white thread, hand applique the snowmen in the background.

Put a hat on the head of each snowman. Under edges 1/8 inch and use white sewing thread each hat to the head and the background applique. Repeat for a nose and a scarf for every snowman applique.

Embroider Designs(Felt Snowmen Ornaments)

With the aid of a water-soluble marker and refer to the placement diagrams, eyes, mouth, arms, and hands making of any decoration. Using two strands of black floss, put a French knot for each eye. Use black floss and short stabbing running around every mouth sting. Use three strands of brown floss to back stitch arms and hands.

Position or candy cane wreath above a snowman raised hand, or the position of the ornament just below raised hand. Under felt edges 1/8 inch and use matching sewing thread edges applique to the background.

Use six strands of red silk and straight stabbing to form stripes on candy canes.

For ornament, make use of two strands of a floss gold stripe backstitch on the top and bottom of the ornament. Utilizing two strands of red floss to three stabbing cross over the center of the ornament. Use two strands of black floss on a hook behind ornament stitch up around a snowman finger.

Use two strands of gold silk and straight stabbing to stitch stripes on collar. Using a short strand of golden floss, take a little stab at the top of wreath, center stitch on strict, and remove the needle. Linker strand in a small bow; trimming ends on the desired length. If desired, secure central arch with a small tack stitch.

Using red sewing thread, stitch a pompon on top of each hat. Use six strands of white floss French knots stitch randomly every background, leaving a 1/8-inch unstitched border around the outside edge of background.

Finishing Ornaments(Felt Snowmen Ornaments)

Pin an embroidered square on a felt back square. Pin ribbon ends between layers on top of each ornament. Use dark gray wire stitching pieces together, stitch 1/8 inch from each edge. Checkout For more check

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