owl christmas tree ornaments


owl christmas tree ornaments

Owl Christmas Tree Ornaments: Hey,how does Owls relate with Christmas? A lot of people out there have fallen in love with these beautiful unique Owl Christmas Tree Ornaments.

What Do Owls Have To Do With Christmas?

Many people have asked that very question and wondered if there is a meaning behind Owls and Christmas and how do they both connect.

There are few reasons and they vary from family to family. The tradition that connects owls to Christmas goes all the way back to somewhere in the 19th century when Christmas tree ornaments that were usually made out of glass where either worn or hung on the Christmas tree to symbolize a wish and since owls symbolize wisdom and intelligence an individual wishing for wisdom would then hang owl ornaments on their Christmas Tree.

According to the Celtic legend,owls were thought to have the powers of prophecy and they thus held in high stature in their nature ceremonies. However, today owls are still thought to be very “wise” and hanging an owl Christmas tree ornament on your tree is thought to aid you in dealing effectively with all the challenges of the to come.

However, today in modern day society the owl is still considered the smybol for wisdom but with a little twist of the owl symbolizing a very special “secret knowledge” especially when it comes to Christmas. The story goes like this:

owl christmas tree ornaments

This is a fun legend that each year I tell my grandchildren and remind them that you never know if there is an owl watching with his bright wide eyes to see who is really naughty or nice.

Owl Christmas Tree Ornaments

owl christmas tree ornaments

I think this wise old owl perched among the Christmas decorations leaves you wondering what secret knowledge he really does hold.

Glass Owl Christmas Ornaments

Now that we all Know the importance of having Owl Ornaments at Christmas, let’s have a look at all the different kinds of Owl Christmas Tree Ornaments that are available.


Glass ornaments are carefully mouth-blown molten glass into finely detailed carved molds. Once this is done then a hot solution of liquid silver is poured inside. The glass owl ornaments are then hand painted in a series of steps and then glittered. Each owl Christmas ornament is quite unique and would make a beautiful gift.

Speaking of glass Christmas ornaments I still have ornaments the my great grandmother had started collecting over the years.

Old World Christmas Great White Owl Ornament



This whimsical great white owl glass ornament is made by Old World Christmas and is carefully mouth blown with the greatest attention to detail. This lovely owl ornament is delicately painted with bright lacquers and glitter. This beautiful Christmas ornament is absolutely perfect for anyone in your life that loves owls!

If you are wondering what the size of this glass great white Owl Christmas Ornament, it measures about 5 inches high that is including the hook, however if you measure from the tip of the tail to the top of the head, then it measures close to 6 inches.

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Snowy Owl Christmas Ornaments

It’s fun to bring in some Snowy White Owl Christmas ornaments into your Holiday decorating!

Here you’ll find a number of different sizes of white Owl Christmas Ornaments. You can use these on your mantel, in a wreath, as a center piece and of course not to forget hanging from your Christmas tree. These owls ornaments are made of white soft feather and come in a variety of sizes.


As you can see these two snowy white owl Christmas ornaments found a special place tucked under the Christmas tree.

These two owl Christmas ornaments add a touch of whimsical fun to your holiday decorating.

White Owl Christmas Tree Ornaments




More Owl Christmas Ornaments



I hope you enjoyed viewing this page Owl Christmas Tree Ornaments and I hope that I’ve helped you find the ideal Owl Christmas Tree Ornaments that you been looking for.

If you have any questions about the above ornaments or if you have something specific in mind, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Oh and be sure to bookmark this page or come back again because I’m always adding new ornaments as i find them.

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